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Carrie Devine, Vocals

Carrie Devine is a secondary school teacher by day and rock and roll Diva by night.

Born and raised in London Ontario, Carrie-Ann Devine started out as a rebellious choir girl and closet folk singer. She was one of the founding members of the award winning Amabile Youth Singers, at home and abroad. After trading in her oxfords for Doc Martins she resigned from the choir and began the rampage of force feeding original tunes to anyone with a radio in her first rock band "Creature Cantina."

After a successful stint in Toronto as a jazz singer, Carrie decided to bring her musical style back home with "The Carrie Lizmore Trio." Life got busy when her daughters were born. After a few years of singing in public washroom stalls and on friends' answering machines, she managed to trap four capable players in a barn and formed "The Lizmores."

Carrie is overjoyed to be playing in a band with former members of the legendary "Suffer Machine." And she is working hard to live up to the band's stellar reputation.

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