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Greg Rinehart, Bass

Greg (Egg) Rinehart was hatched in 1964 in Columbus Ohio. Later that same year he flew to Detroit Michigan where he nested until migrating to London in 1969.
Arriving in Canada without hockey skates, he eventually found London's local music scene. Drummer Billy Wallace, along with The Crash 80's, inspired a certain sense of well-being he still holds dear-best said in one of Pete Tangredi's classic lines, "There's something in the sweet soul music."

Around 1982 in an attempt to lay down some funky beats he failed miserably as a drummer in a band that would become known as Idiot Savant. However, the bad news came with good news. All he had to do was purchase a bass and an amp and he was still in. Pete would say, "Play something on that piece of crap upside down two-stringed thing." Stephan would help him to jam in E. This could go on for hours and hours. Idiot Savant's first show was about 3 weeks later. Beginning as a completely improvised show, the group eventually started to write songs-or at least ideas for songs, chord patterns or certain grooves.

Idiot Savant became Suffer Machine around 1985, released Deprogram in '86 and Scream of Love in 93. Shortly after, the band split up.

Over the following years Greg enjoyed playing with local bands Adam West, The Tyrant Lizard Kings and Ten Heads. Ten Heads recorded two albums, Swimming and Singing (1990), and Braille (not yet released). In 1993 Greg reunited with the core members of Suffer Machine along with a few new faces you all know as The Cool Mothers.

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