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Song Notes: Fall to Earth

Peter talks about lyrics:
In this song the main character pleads with a lover to come back to earth and to forget all the bullshit. I wanted this to be the title track of the album because I felt that much of it revolves around that sentiment.

Stephan talks about the music:
Peter wrote the verse and parts of a chorus to this pretty song - it is a very interesting song musically and its sophistication appealed to me on a mathematical level. Everything came naturally and quickly when contributing to it. The part I'm most proud of is how we get out of the bridge back into the verse - to me it was part luck and a sudden access to some distant theory lessons I had when I was first exposed to playing music. I would never claim it is at a level of a music program graduate, but it was a satisfying solution to a musical challenge at the time.

Peter adds:
I read on the internet about Django Reinhardt and how because he burned his fretting hand that he had to use triad chords. The lazy person in me was intrigued and using them I eventually stumbled on to the chord progression for Fall to Earth. This song was very difficult for me to play because of one particular chord inversion with a pinky stretch. After I show my guitar songs to the band I usually forget the chords and key and how to play them, so if I was ever asked to do an acoustic set I would need a good year or so to prep.

Fall to Earth
Let go of your wings
And your pretty things
Baby fall to earth,
Baby fall to earth

Forget all your dreams
And your silly schemes
Baby fall to earth,
Please fall to earth


You know you can run to me, come to me
You know you can cry to me, sigh to me
You know you can, you know you can

Let go of your fear
And your tears my dear
And fall to earth
Baby fall to earth

Let go of your pain
And your silly games
Baby fall to earth,
Baby fall to earth

You know you can