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Song Notes: First World Blues

Peter talks about the lyrics:
I was in San Diego once basking in the sunshine and the ocean waves when I saw a few punk kids on the street. Their black attire and sulky demeanor seemed totally incongruous to the tropical paradise surroundings. First World Blues is a reflection on living in a place that offers all the opportunities in the world and still feeling the need to be a sulky bastard.

Stephan talks about the music:
This is another song that came out of that one Saturday afternoon (see Save My Life). It was actually recorded for the album in a faster, punkier version. However, it was later rerecorded at its groovy pace. The faster version uses the keyboard solo part as an outro and it was basically "all guns out" for a fun filled 4 minutes. Both versions worked musically, however I'm still split on which I prefer. For live, the groovier version feels more controlled and just on the edge of going insane - like someone desperately trying to keep their temper.

First World Blues
You've got all the envy of the people in the world
You've got everything they'd ever want or need
But some people are pretty and some are freaks
And Karl Marx will never set them free


You just can't lose those first world blues
you just can't lose

And all your utopian philosophy
And all your dreams that never came true
And all the booze, and all the smoke and all the drugs
Will kill the pain deep inside of you

And all those evil mothers who say life is cheap
And all those evil mothers bring you down
But all the beauty, all the love, and all the truth
Will make you change your nihilistic sound