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Song Notes: Hesitation

Peter talks about the lyrics:
I saw Daniel Lanios play at the Grand theatre in London Ontario and his drummer for that show was Brian Blade. Mr. Blade's performance that night was the inspiration for the title of this song. He is a renowned jazz drummer who had this funky style that continually fooled, surprised and tantalized me with his timing. Often I will start a song lyric with just one line or idea and then it takes on a life of its own. Much of these lyrics were improvised at practice which is something I do a lot. Perhaps it is because I am too lazy to sit down and write lyrics, but I also really enjoy hearing what comes out of my mouth when I am just winging it. I will often listen back to tapes and be enamored by half-slurred lines that suggest something I never would have thought of. Hesitation strongly relates to my punk days because of the many social misfits I met there. They were strange and enticing creatures … so enticing that eventually beautiful people wanted to be misfits to. But many of those people who initially inhabited the Blue Boot were the real deal, and that is what made them so damn funky.

Stephan talks about the music:
This was originally intended as a fast song and I'd be curious to hear it covered as such. Structurally, I wanted to give a nod to David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes", with the twangy keys establishing the song's mood and intent from the beginning. At the time I introduced it to the band, we were going through a groove phase and it was turned into a dubby-esque song with a hint of Iggy Pop. I actually like it better now and it is one of my favourite cuts on the album.


You're not from this planet … are you?
You're like a stranger in a strange land.
With your lizard eyes, and your backward smile

But it's the hesitation, that makes you a funky mother
Yeah, it's the hesitation that makes you so damn …funky

You're some kind of superfreak
Legs don't work, mouth don't speak
Yeah, you're some kind of superfreak
Mouth don't …speak


You're the greatest lover in the world
With your swinging hips
Yeah … you're the greatest lover in the world
With your blood red lips
The way you go ooh, ahh

But it's the hesitation that makes you a funky lover

Come and join the human race