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Song Notes: The Other Side of Blue

Peter talks about the lyrics:
The last blue song on the album, I wanted to write some lyrics in the tradition of melancholy bar songs. Here Comes a Regular by the Replacements would be a good example. No matter how fun the bar scene may be, there is always melancholia wafting about with the beer fumes and high times. People with gaping wounds and stitched together hearts desperate for fun, for love, for just one kiss.

Stephan talks about the music:
This was a jogging song of mine. It sounded like one too with an obstinate THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP bass part plodding along to the rhythm of my footsteps and a vocal melody that Peter really could not sway away from - it could go nowhere musically in that form, even though it had all the parts. I thought for certain this would become part of my solo album (a euphemism we use for rejected songs), until it was finally slowed it down and grooved out to its current version.

Peter adds:
This is another song where Stephan influenced the lyrics, although indirectly. I had a line for this song that went "Talking, style and wit. One more drink will make me totally full of shit." However, I was thinking to myself that Stephan probably wouldn't like that line. So I changed it to "One more drink will make my heart articulate," which is a way cooler line, but owes a debt to Van Morrison who was the first guy I know of who referred to the heart being inarticulate.

The Other Side of Blue
Drinking too
All these Cigarettes
I smoke them just for you
All of them are just for you

Getting high
Sit right here
And watch humanity pass by
Watch humanity pass by

And I'll meet you there, on the other side of blue

Style and wit
One more drink will make my heart articulate
Make my heart articulate

Dancing Shoes
The limbo is the dance I'm doing just for you
Waiting here just for you

And I'll meet you there, on the other side of blue

I've been waiting for you

Praying too
Hoping for someone to show me something new
Show me something real and true

A simple song
A simple song will make the night go on and on
Make the night go on and on
Make the night go on and on

And I'll meet you there on the other side of blue