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Song Notes: Save My Life

Peter talks about the lyrics:
The title of this song was a line taken from Spike Lee's movie "Mo Better Blues". There is an excellent scene in the movie where the character that Denzel Washington plays has his career as a jazz musician and his life is sliding into the toilet. Denzel comes begging back to the girlfriend that he had been previously two-timing. Denzel is pleading when his girlfriend says "You just want me to save your life." Denzel replies "Yes, please … save my life." The raw emotion and desperation in Denzel's performance is quite moving. I wanted to capture in this song some of that desperation and loneliness … and the compelling need to find someone to make life worth living.

Stephan talks about the music:
When Suffer Machine folded in 1993, I did not play a note for ten years. A year or two after moving back to London, I bought an out-of-tune piano and three songs came spilling out of me in the span of a Saturday afternoon. This was the first one of the three - they were riffs that I played in my head while running through the woods of BC. It was also the first time I felt I had completed a song, finishing not only a chorus and verse, but including something of a bridge. Based on this experience, I vowed never to bring incomplete songs to practice again. Of course, I broke this rule since and it shows how unprincipled I can be.

Save My Life

Baby - don't you see me here
Drowning - in my pain and fear
No one baby - sees my inner spark
Shining - in the dark

I want you to save my life (2x)

No one baby - sees the genius in me
No one baby - to set me free
No one hears my unrequited song
Crying all night long

I want you to save my life (2x)

Cause it's so ordinary
Yeah it's so ordinary
Cause it's so ordinary
Without you …without you