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Song Notes: So Damn Blue

Pete talks about the lyrics:
The higher the high, the greater the corresponding low: at least that is the way it seems to me in retrospect. My time spent in the late-seventies punk scene was some of the most fun times I have ever had, and some of the lowest. The main character in this song is either wondering about the source of depression in a friend or lover … or perhaps pondering their own.

Stephan talks about the music:
Peter wrote this one. I only contributed the middle part for the crazy guitar solos after it was sped up - it was originally a slow song and completely recorded, ready for mixing when we decided to redo it. My only story for this song is the challenge I enjoy when writing parts. This one needed a bridge and I remember Peter saying; "Write something for next week" - no "please, may you…" or any social conventions that typically accompany working relations. But, I like these challenges and I think Peter knows this too. I thought about different changes, but this time I literally waited until minutes before the practice to work out a loose arrangement. This was when I suspected that my band mates suspected I pull things out of my ass-hat at the very last minute. They are right, but it is the best way for me to write: Think about the song in my head. Add a little bit of pressure with a deadline and then decipher the last minute.

Peter Adds:
I picked up some Bass string chords (ala Freddy Green) from Mel Bay's Complete Jazz Guitar Method and came up with this song. The original inspiration was Chet Baker doing Elvis Costello's song "Almost Blue". I wanted my song to be a slow burner also, but songs often end up taking on a life of their own. We sped the song up and Ted came up with a killer drumbeat.

So Damn Blue
Could it be
Just a pose
Of cigarettes black leather clothes

Or could it be
Someone broke your heart
Took a knife and cut you right deep to the vital part

And I don't know why You are so damn Blue (2x)

Or could it be
When you were just a kid
Realized there was suffering in the world
Just like Siddhartha did

Or could it be
You're just not that strong
Can't face the fact that everything you love
Will someday be gone

Or could it be
You're just a slave
To all the chemical reactions
Firing in your brain